Abuse Prevention & Domestic Violence

Preventing Domestic Violence

At Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP , our lawyers help clients who have experienced domestic violence and abuse. Our goal is to protect them and other family members from injury. To this end, we work to obtain orders of protection and to develop other strategies that secure our clients' safety. Domestic violence is a complicated matter, often involving both emotional and physical abuse. Our attorneys have the knowledge and the sensitivity to offer legal and practical alternatives to intolerable and abusive situations.

Protecting our clients' rights and their physical safety.

Our attorneys have handled spousal abuse and domestic violence matters in the context of a pending divorce proceeding or, in many circumstances, prior to a divorce complaint being filed. The firm has also represented clients seeking protection from family violence by relatives, domestic partners, roommates, in-laws, and boyfriends or girlfriends. We help clients through the process of obtaining an Abuse Prevention Order, known as a 209A in Massachusetts. Whether the order is an emergency order, a temporary order, or a final long-term order, our lawyers know the system and procedure for applying for each type of protective order. Our legal team includes former prosecutors who are skilled trial lawyers with the ability to handle the hearings required for 209A protective orders. Contact them at our Boston law firm.

Protecting Victims from SLAPP lawsuits

In addition to helping clients obtain legal protection against an abuser, our lawyers represent victims in Anti-SLAPP lawsuits (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation). This type of legal action can be brought against holders of protective orders, accusing them of frivolously obtaining a 209A order. Frequently plaintiffs in a SLAPP claim intend to harass the abuse victims, forcing them to defend themselves in a separate proceeding and bear the financial and emotional cost of having to relive the domestic violence case all over again.

The possibility or threat of a SLAPP lawsuit by an abuser can further drain and deter domestic violence victims from applying for or continuing a protective order. Our attorneys were instrumental in creating a new procedural law that helps protect victims of domestic violence from these abusive lawsuits. Victims have the right to present a special motion to dismiss the lawsuit and now have a special mechanism for immediate appeals.

The attorneys at Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP, have been helping clients with sensitive domestic relations matters since 1935. Our lawyers understand that domestic violence matters are emotionally devastating. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to navigate this difficult area to protect the physical safety and legal rights of our clients. If you feel you need to obtain a protective order against an abuser, contact our Boston attorneys. Or, if you are in imminent danger, go to or call the nearest police station.

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