Separation/Temporary Orders

Temporary Orders During a Separation

When a divorce case begins, six months or more can elapse before the marriage is formally ended. It is important to have in place during the separation period either a negotiated temporary agreement between the parties that is strictly adhered to, or temporary orders from the court to cover the period of time before the divorce  becomes final. These temporary agreements and temporary orders should address issues such as child support and alimony, custody and visitation, parenting plans, and continuation of health and other insurance benefits. Even if not all of these matters can be agreed upon, it will help to have as many of these issues settled as possible, minimizing time issues that must be addressed and resolved by a court. This will make the separation period less stressful and the divorce proceedings less contentious. To learn more about separation and temporary divorce orders , contact our Boston law firm.

Working out temporary orders during a separation can make the final divorce process much easier.

When temporary orders work to the satisfaction of both parties during the separation, they can become a blueprint for the final arrangements. In a way, temporary orders can be viewed as divorce planning. Our attorneys work to negotiate agreements that are in the best interests of our clients. However, if we are unable to obtain  a favorable  result for our clients through negotiations, we will not hesitate to argue  the matter in court and have a judge decide. Our trial skills are extensive and tested, and we use them to bring about temporary orders which meet our client's needs. We advise our clients that working out contentious issues during the separation period will influence the structure of the final orders governing the terms of the divorce. For example, if the visitation hours are less than optimal during the separation period, the chance of improving them in the final orders becomes far more difficult.

Our attorneys have undertaken a number of separation and divorce matters involving domestic violence . Because several of us are former prosecutors, we have a special awareness of the role an attorney can play in protecting not only the legal rights but also the physical safety of a client. In some cases, the temporary agreement in place during the waiting period includes a restraining order.

Our lawyers have been helping individuals develop agreements that govern both temporary orders and final divorce agreements for many years. For more information about the benefits of working through as many issues as possible during the separation, contact our attorneys at the Boston firm of Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP.

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