Child Custody

Visitation and Child Custody

Child custody, along with child support, can be one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. At the Boston law firm of Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP , our attorneys work to develop child custody agreements that are in the best interests of the child and the client. We use our accumulated experience to tailor our services to client's specific needs.

Custody arrangements can take many forms, depending on the needs of the children and the relationship of the parents. A typical child custody order might give joint legal custody to both parents, requiring them to work together on major decisions involving the child's health, education, and religion. In such an arrangement, one parent could receive sole physical custody and be the primary caregiver, with the other parent having visitation rights. Although common, this is not the only way to craft a custody arrangement. Contact our Boston law firm to discuss any matter related to child custody.

Working in the best interests of children in child custody matters.

Other custody arrangements that might be more appropriate than the typical one outlined above include:

  • Shared physical and legal custody with a parenting plan, most frequently ordered when both parents want to play an equal or substantially equal role in the lives of the children. This works best when the parents are amicable and cooperative and live close to each other within the same school district
  • Sole legal and physical custody, with visitation rights or parenting time for the non-custodial parent. Other specialized arrangements might be best in circumstances where one parent has limited interest in being involved in the children's lives, has been demonstrated to be an unfit parent because of abuse or otherwise, has serious medical or psychological issues, or lives far away from the custodial parent. In some cases, visitation rights may be awarded only under supervised circumstances. 

Child custody determination does not exist in a vacuum. The time spent with each parent is one of the calculations used to determine the level of child support. Child support can also affect alimony and a property settlement . Because each set of circumstances is different, it is critical to work with an attorney skilled at developing a child custody award that works with other considerations in a divorce.

To learn how our attorneys can assist with child custody issues, contact us at Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP. We work hard to stay focused on the best interests of the children, advising and educating our clients based on our many years of experience.

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