Equity Actions

Equity Actions in Probate and Trust Litigation

Equity actions are an important part of probate and trust litigation. At Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP, our attorneys represents heirs and beneficiaries who are questioning the capacity of a testator to transfer property before death. In these circumstances, the transfer has already occurred, and the property is no longer part of the estate. In order to return the property to the estate, an equity action must be brought in probate and family court.

We represent heirs who are disputing the transfer and the individual now owning the asset (usually real property). In addition, we undertake equity actions for executors and personal representatives of estates to recover property that was improperly or fraudulently transferred out of the estate by the testator. To learn more about equity actions and their role in resolving problems with estates and trusts, contact our Boston law firm.

Undertaking equity actions on behalf of estates, trusts, and beneficiaries.

Equity actions, unlike other legal claims, seek a remedy other than money damages. In the case of probate and trust matters involving fraud or incapacity, the remedy is usually the return of the asset in question. Equity actions are often used in matters related to the handling of property by a conservator or guardian. Such actions can also be used when executors, administrators, or personal representatives are thought to be mismanaging real estate held by an estate or trust.

Our experienced attorneys represent a wide range of petitioners in equity actions, including executors, family members, trust administrators, and heirs. We also represent respondents. Equity actions are a significant vehicle for recovering property for an estate or trust, and our lawyers have many years of experience bringing or defending such actions. To learn more about equity actions, contact Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP.

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