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When there have been no temporary agreements or orders during a separation, contested divorce proceedings can become contentious and often take more time to resolve. In order for a divorce to become final, arrangements that may have been worked out informally need to be made official. Our Boston divorce lawyers at Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP, are skilled at identifying the issues that need to be resolved to the satisfaction of our clients and having them included in a final divorce decree.

We pay special attention to meeting our clients’ individualized needs during a divorce. Our law firm is known for tailoring its representation to the specific situation of each client.

We have many years of experience assisting clients going through a divorce. Each case is different, and we work to understand the specific needs and concerns of the client. Some divorces are amicable, and all matters resolved between the parties need only a final agreement. Others are highly contentious, requiring many negotiation sessions and appearances in court. In either situation, our attorneys bring to every divorce case their negotiating skills, their understanding of the legal requirements, and their ability to identify future issues and potential problems. To learn how they can help during a divorce matter, contact them at our Boston law firm.

The issues that should be resolved before finalizing the divorce include:

  • Custody of children, which may include sole physical custody by one spouse and visitation rights for the other spouse; joint physical custody with a shared parenting plan; sole legal custody or joint legal custody (legal custody involves a child's major life decisions, including medical choices, educational decisions, religious preferences and the like)
  • Visitation or parenting plans that determine the amount of contact each parent will have with the child. They may outline issues such as holidays, summer vacations, and weekend schedules.
  • Child support, which in Massachusetts is awarded based on state guidelines up to specified income levels
  • Alimony, including the possibility of transitional or rehabilitative alimony in shorter term marriages to support a spouse in his or her efforts to become self-sufficient or lifetime alimony in long term marriages
  • Property settlements which can be affected by alimony paid or not paid, and should include consideration of pensions, retirement assets, each parties' opportunity to earn future income or accumulate future wealth, and many other relevant factors recognized under the law

Although every divorce must address these matters, the actual arrangements will differ significantly based on the parties particular circumstances. Some agreements include significant detail, such as the exact time a child will be delivered after visiting the other parent. In domestic violence situations, a high level of detail is usually warranted. On the other hand, in circumstances where divorcing parents can remain amicable in the best interest of the children, final orders can be relatively simple and straightforward.

Our Boston divorce lawyers work to achieve security and enforceability in divorce agreements. Experience has shown us that a clearly drafted agreement that includes the proper terms and security provisions in a divorce judgment will prevent unnecessary and expensive court appearances in contempt proceedings when one party has not met his or her obligations. Having proper security in place can make enforcement of orders more effective and cost efficient for our clients in the future.

When both parties agree on all matters, they can move forward with a joint petition for an uncontested divorce. In uncontested matters such as these, it is often possible to have a hearing very quickly and have the divorce finalized expeditiously. To learn more about our ability to help in either a contested or uncontested divorce, contact our Boston divorce lawyers at Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP.

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