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Investment Advice for Trust Management

Grantors who hire our law firm, Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP, to manage a trust receive independent professional investment advice from Eaton Vance, a Boston-based registered investment advisor. This professional advice is in addition to the many years of financial planning experience held by most of our fiduciaries. Grantors or beneficiaries can use third-party investment advice based on prior, established relationships. Our trustees are always glad to work with such individuals. However, many grantors indicate during estate planning sessions that they choose to use the investment advice of our trustees and the professionals at Eaton Vance, as it streamlines the process and saves fees.

Our firm has been working with Eaton Vance for more than 30 years. Together, we devise investment strategies in accordance with the terms of each trust, with the goal of preserving capital and providing cash flow. This can take the form of acquiring assets that generate tax benefits, or other types of asset protection. Our firm reviews the investments of each account every other month. We also evaluate major asset positions every month. Finally, each trustee is in contact with our outside investment advisor on an almost daily basis. This allows our law firm to provide the very highest level of trust investment advice to each trust managed by our attorneys and fiduciaries. To speak with a lawyer knowledgeable about the firm's approach to managing trust investments, contact our Boston law firm.

Providing investment management services and independent professional management advice since 1935 to grantors and beneficiaries.

In addition to representing a very high quality of service, this approach to managing investments in a trust provides for financial savings for the beneficiaries. Our fees, which include a professional advisor from Eaton Vance, are based on the amount of money under management and are very clear to grantors and beneficiaries. To learn more about our investment programs and our trust management fees, contact us at Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP.

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