Subdivision Approval

Subdivision and Development Approval

Our Massachusetts real estate lawyers at Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP, help clients selling or developing land for subdivisions. In our efforts to accomplish the property owner's goals, our law firm frequently acts as an intermediary. We work with all interested parties to help our clients achieve their objectives. To learn more about our firm's role in obtaining approval for subdivision plans, contact our Boston law firm.

Our attorneys have years of experience working with zoning boards, town planning boards, town planners, engineers, nearby landowners and abutters of the property line, town meetings, and contractors. We understand the concerns of town officials. Our lawyers work with planners to obtain approval for subdivisions by structuring proposals to address their concerns.  For example, we make sure that final proposals for property consolidation or subdivision address issues of runoff, vegetation removal, and wetlands preservation.

Working with all interested parties to accomplish client goals with respect to property division.

Part of our role in obtaining subdivision approval is educating our client and the town about the proposed project and its impact on the local economy, ecosystem, and tax base. To this end we also attend public hearings related to subdivision projects to answer questions about the proposal. We also work with the landowner so that he or she understands the town's concerns about the project based on what our attorneys learn from town officials and public meetings.

Our lawyers are well versed in state and local property law. We use this knowledge to help our clients develop proposals that will be accepted by a town and provide clients with a good return on their investment. For example, we have advised landowners hoping for subdivision approval about the laws related to affordable housing in Massachusetts such as Chapter 40B--a statute that allow for higher density in a development.

To learn how our law firm helps landowners with subdivision projects, contact a Boston real estate attorney at Taylor, Ganson & Perrin, LLP.

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